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 II.  Nightmares!
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VII.  Prognosis
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 X.  Whiteboards
 XI.  Casenotes
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XVII. Codes
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XX. Anecdotal Evidence
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XXIV. Safe Motherhood
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Reason for the EEPD
“Analysable and linkable Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) will only attain their true potential for improving the quality of patient care and reducing the risk of human error, without excessive data re-entry overload, when, in each speciality and sub-speciality - following intense, open, web-based discussions - bit by bit their detailed, logically and chronologically-arranged, flow-patterned questions and the full range of all allowable answer-options - [always including, whenever needed, “Unknown (Free Text)” and “Other (Free Text)”] - are, by stages, taking into account as many interested parties as possible, individual question by individual question, internationally standardised.”
Such specifications will only become universally standardised if they are
a) created by hundreds of hours of work by health care professionals, since only they have the professional knowledge required for this task,
b)  cost free to all potential users 
c) based on an open detailed international discussion on the internet of each potential data item and
d) involve a comprehensive analysis of the cost and value of each proposed data item in the care of each individual patient, not just its value for audit, research and management“
“Open Source” software is not the panacea for the problems of Healthcare IT unless preceded by “Open Knowledge (Professional Expertise)”.
Sadly so far worldwide I find no evidence that those in control healthcare budgets are yet ready to understand this fundamental foundation for effective progress."




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