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EEPD Volume 3. Datasets

D. Some Pregnancy Datasets.

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I. Pregnancy Ultrasound System Datasets - Full Versions

There is, surprisingly, only about a 5% overlap between the data items in a comprehensive Pregnancy Ultrasound IT system and a complex Maternity IT system. 


There is an urgent need for an international standard for the set of basic electronic data which is recorded regarding ultrasound scans and those items of data that need to be transmitted from a Patient Administration System or a Maternity IT system to any Ultrasound Scan IT System and vice versa, e.g. Demographic Data from the PAS to the scan computer, or  “Estimated Due Date based on a dating scan” from a Scan IT System to a Maternity IT System.  Further discussion on need for such S.IN.B.A.D.s (Standard INter-program Bundles of Associated Data) and proposed datasets can be found in the EEPD Volume 15.  

Recently seen was an ultrasound system which just asked for “Name of Patient” meaning “First Name” and “Surname” all in one computer field, thus making it financially impractical for the patient’s “First Name” and “Surname” to be electronically transferred to or from that scan system. The user had to retype both for every patient!

“Viewpoint” Dataset

  Open Source Dataset urgently needed 



King’s College Hospital Dataset (1996 Version)

Despite now being well out of date, the version documented here illustrates the very limited overlap between the kinds of datasets found on maternity computer systems and those needed on feto-medical ultrasound systems.


II. Some Expectant Mothers - Medication in Pregnancy Reporting and Feedback Datasets

Whenever an unusual or recently introduced medicine has been taken in pregnancy, the manufacturer should be contacted, both to find out the most recent information on its potential effects during pregnancy and on breast feeding and also to alert the manufacturer to the need for a feedback report on the outcome of that pregnancy.

For all U.K. medications the name, address and phone number of most pharmaceutical companies may be found in the British National Formulary.

Samples of drug company feedback forms may be found below under the heading “Some Births”


III. Some Expectant Mothers - Specialist Referral Datasets


Cardiac Problems

  • Scan of Form (Awaiting Scanning)
  • “Cut & Paste” version (In Preparation)


Psychiatric Problems

  • Scan of Form (Awaiting Scanning)
  • “Cut & Paste” version (In Preparation)


IV. Some Fetuses - Request, Report and Feedback Datasets – Fetal


Screening Feedback (Yorkhill  Hospital, Glasgow)

  • Scan of Form (Awaiting Scanning)
  • “Cut & Paste” version (In Preparation)


Protocol for Cytogenetic Analysis of Fetal Tissues. Oxford Medical Genetics Laboratories

  • Scan of Form (Awaiting Scanning)
  • “Cut & Paste” version (In Preparation)


Fetal Echocardiology Request (Guys, London)

  • Scan of Form (Awaiting Scanning)
  • “Cut & Paste” version (In Preparation)


Fetal Echocardiology Feedback (Guys, London)

  • Scan of Form (Awaiting Scanning)
  • “Cut & Paste” version (In Preparation)


V. Customised Fetal Growth Charts


G.R.O.W. Customised Growth Charts


IX. Termination of Pregnancy Datasets

Included here mainly because of major fetal abnormalities.

Terminations are, unfortunately, sometimes done after a maternity computer record has been created.


Current Certificate A. U.K. Form HSA1 (revised 1991) - Blue.

Current U.K. Abortion Notification. Form HSA4  (Revised 2002) - Yellow


The Abortion (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2002


Letter from Department of Health. Abortion Act 1967, as amended -    

Changes to the Abortion Notification Form HSA4 from 18 April 2002 


Abortion Act 1967. Abortion (Scotland) Regulations (1991) - Yellow

Abortion Act 1967. Certificate A. & Certificate B. (1967) - Green



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