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E. Post Natal Records - Mother

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Nothing I have ever attempted has been as complex as the design for a hybrid paper and electronic Postnatal Mother and Baby Records.  Yet it is by no means impossible to combine the two if the whole process has been thought through.

While it would be tempting to cut the Gordian Knot by insisting on a totally electronic approach I still remain convinced that we need in most hospital we need a combined approach using both computer printouts and paper proformas.


An outline of what is required can be seen in



Until we have reliable access to the electronic record at every place where post natal care takes place it should be possible to design hybrid systems which reduce the chance of human error. It is sad that our failure to do this has meant that, in 2010 an audit in a major U.K. teaching hospital revealed that a significant number (I think it was about 30%) of women who should have had a rubella vaccination had not received it.


Even with printers only available in the labour ward and the post-natal ward, had the software been appropriately designed (and the cost of extra programming afforded)

a) The Birth Event printout could have drawn attention to those mothers who needed Rubella Vaccination. 

b) At the time of hospital discharge a question should have been included “Has this maternent had he Rubella vaccination?”  If the answer was “No” then the Hospital Discharge Printout could have included this information for the community midwife.

c) At the time of hospital discharge an individualised printout for completion by hand at the time of transfer from the community midwife to the health visitor (copy to the GP) could then also have included the information “Rubella vaccination was required.  Has it been given? Yes / No (Please circle one)”


The problem and opportunities involved in the design of hybrid paper and electronic Mother and Baby records are further explored in the following discussion documents - all currently “in progress” 





Samples of Current Records



Help Needed

Let others benefit from your hard work.  Any “.pdf”s of your local records welcome.  Send them to  editor@eepd.org.uk 


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