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EEPD Volume 3. Datasets. 


Subsection Editor: Needed

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Front Page for a Ring Binder to hold the EEPD. Volume 3 Dataset Files


A. Structured Maternity Casenotes e.g. New Zealand Pregnancy

Most Paper Pregnancy Records or Proformas are only partially structured like a dataset.

A few Pregnancy Casenotes are, however, so structured as to be in a dataset format, and are therefore directly relevant here.

B. Datasets at Initial Assessment (Booking)

C. All Pregnancies Datasets e.g. Dating Scan

The term “All Pregnancies” is not to suggest that all such tests are appropriate worldwide. The term is only used in the sense that, if used in a particular hospital or district, then the following datasets are usually relevant to all pregnancies in that hospital, district, or region, or country!!

D. Some Pregnancies Datasets e.g. Amniocentesis

E. Data sets for every “Birth”

Mixed Mother & Baby Data

F.  Every Mother Datasets e.g. Was there a Labour?

Focus on Mother. One Return for every Mother

G. Every Neonate/Baby e.g. Birthweight

Focus on Babies. One Return for every Baby.

H. Every Neonate having Special Care

Should include any neonates when, for any reason, such a neonate receives “Intensive Care” of any kind, even when this is given outside an Intensive Care Unit.

I.  Every Child / Infant e.g. Polio3. Date given

J. Some Mothers e.g. Caesarean Section Incision

K. Some Neonates e.g. Neonatal Death

L. Some Infants / Children e.g. Adoption Papers

M. Hospital Management Datasets e.g. Hospital Episode Statistics 

N. Blank

O. Incidents.  Perinatal Data Required for Incident Reporting e.g. 2nd Stage > 2 hrs

 P. Audit Datasets e.g. C/S: Decision to Birth Interval 

Q. Questionnaires (Maternents / Patients / Staff)

R. Data Required for Annual Returns e.g. RCOG

S. Blank

T.  Commercial Perinatal Datasets

V. Comparisons between Datasets e.g. Logical Priority v. Manners

W. Generic Medical Datasets e.g. Blood Pressure 

X. Generic General e.g. Passport

Y. Other / Gynaecology Datasets

Z. Web Links 



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