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Volume 24.

The Prescribable Leaflet Collection.

Volume Editor: Needed

If interested in the possibility of editing this volume  Click here

To see a sample page: www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/Sample24.doc

Discussion Links:  None specific so far. Use www.eepd.org.uk




This volume offers, cost free, a whole series of leaflets, most of which may be either be used “as is” or may be freely edited by the user so long as they substitute their own name at the foot of the leaflet in place of the name of the original writer.


There are now plenty of other, better, leaflets freely available; but, since the following collections of leaflets already exist it seemed to be a waste not to make these totally copyright-free versions more widely available via the EEPD. I have also found them useful at short notice in the A & E department in hospitals wherever I happen to be in the world. They were mostly created or collected by the writer for use in his own clinics, using photocopies in concertina files, as described below.


If substantial material from these leaflets are used, an acknowledgement of the source would be welcome.


Those written by full contributors to the EEPD can be freely used without any copyright restriction; either in their original form or, as re-edited, by others. But please note that each health professional has the unavoidable responsible for the content of any leaflet personally handed out to any patient under their care.


It will be noted that some leaflets (Files in sections labelled “No definitely copyright-free EEPD version available so far.“) have been created by others and have been found as photocopied documents in regular use in various outpatient clinics in the 30 different hospitals where I have worked in the past 10 years.  Whenever possible, permission should always be obtained from the original source before using such leaflets on a regular basis; particularly since the original source may be able to offer an improved and more up-to-date version.


For further comments on the matter of copyright see  www.fawdry.info/eepd/00_top/Copying.pdf


For further comments regarding the effective use and distribution of patient information leaflets; see the discussion document “Dust Collecting or Distributed” www.fawdry.info/eepd/01_ess/h_leafs/H09_Dust.pdf


On the general topic of Patient Information leaflets see www.fawdry.info/eepd/01_ess/h_leafs/H02_RxLeaf.pdf and on the three sources of patient information see

www.fawdry.info/eepd/01_ess/h_leafs/H03_Three.pdf and on the problems of alternative to “prescribable” electronic leaflets see www.fawdry.info/eepd/01_ess/h_leafs/H04_Prob.pdf


Regarding the essential characteristics of “prescribable leaflets” see www.fawdry.info/eepd/01_ess/h_leafs/H05_Char.pdf


Offers of more or improved copyright-free leaflets which meet these criteria very welcome. Why restrict you creativity to your own hospital?


There is naturally a need for regular updating, and adding to this collection.   To the reasonable objection that better leaflets are available elsewhere on the web I would agree but at least these are a) originally written by a doctor and b) are all accessible in one place.


With regard to hyper-links to other better leaflets, via Google, are usually available but see also the comments in the EEPD Volume 9. Links to Leaflets.

Rupert Fawdry.  (Updated 20 Aug 2010)

Introduction www.fawdry.info/eepd/01_ess/h_leafs/H07_RxIntro.pdf


EEPD Volume 24. The Prescribable Leaflet Collection. Contents. 

A. Non-Surgical Gynaecology

Countries not Cars „ General Introduction www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/CnotCGen.doc

Countries not Cars  - Hormones www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/CnotCHorm.doc

Countries not Cars „ When things go wrong www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/CnotCLaw.doc

Ectopic Pregnancy treated with Methotrexate www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/c_prega/E_EctopicMetho.doc  √

“Positive“ Cervical Smear www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/Smear.doc

Problems with the Dance of the Female Hormones

“Step” options www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/Steps.doc

More information about Step Options www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/StepMore.doc

Fibroids www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/Fibroids.doc

Irritable Bowel www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/Bowel_Irr.doc

Small  Benign Ovarian Cysts www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/OvarianCysts.doc

Strengthening the Pelvic Floor www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/PelvicFloor.doc

Mirena Coil instead of Female Sterilization www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/MirenaInstead.doc

Vasectomy instead of Female Sterilization www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/VasectomyInstead.doc

Irritable Bladder Problem (Detrusor Instability) www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/BladIrr.doc

Damaged Tap Problem 

(True Stress Incontinence) www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/BladTrue.doc

Vaginal Ring Pessaries www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/RingPessary.doc

Vulval Dystrophy www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/VulvalDyst.doc


No definitely copyright-free EEPD version available so far.

Countries not Cars - Medical Education www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/noteepd/CnotCMed.doc

Endometriosis www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/noteepd/Endometriosis.doc 

Female Fertility and Lifestyle www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/noteepd/Fertility-Female.doc

Male Fertility and Lifestyle www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/noteepd/Fertility-Male.doc

Polycystic Ovarian Disease www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/noteepd/PCO.doc

Thrush (Being re-written) www.fawdry.info/eepd/00_hom/ItemNeed.pdf


Termination of Pregnancy - Medical www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/noteepd/TOP-Medical.doc

Termination of Pregnancy - Surgical www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/noteepd/TOP-Surgical.doc

Cystitis www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/noteepd/Cystitis.doc

Urodynamic Investigation www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/a_gynopd/noteepd/Urodynamics.doc

Leaflets headed “No definitely copyright-free EEPD version available so far” are ones regularly used in one of the many NHS clinics where I have worked, either in their original form, or more often as poor photocopies - often not in the hospital of their original creation.  If you recognise any of these leaflets as yours, we ask that you contact us urgently and tell us that 

either a) that you wish your leaflet to be removed from the EEPD immediately 

or b) that you are happy for patients worldwide to benefit from your creativity, despite not being paid by the EEPD.

If the latter, are you prepared, with proper acknowledgement, to allow your material to be described in future as copyright-free. and thus used freely by other health care workers - not necessarily in it’s original form - or is there a regularly updated version accessible worldwide via a hyperlink; 

If you have an updated version you could send us, do send it either via the Forum (see above) or e-mail it to eepd@fawdry.demon.co.uk. (For further comments on copying healthcare material see www.fawdry.info/eepd/00_top/Copying.pdf

Gynaecology Operations

Day Unit Instructions (NHS) www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/DayInst.doc

Day Unit Instructions in Private Practice www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/DayPP.doc

Welcome to Day Bed Unit www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/DayWelcome.doc

Standard Consent Form www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/Consent.doc

Consent Form using Leaflet www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/ConsLeaf.doc

Combined Consent and DVT Prophylaxis www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/ConsentDVT.doc

Driving after Gynaecology or Obstetric Surgery www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/Driving.doc

Bartholin’s Cyst or Abscess www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/Bartolin.doc

Cone Biopsy www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/Cone.doc

Thermal Endometrial Ablation www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/EndoThermal.doc

Cervical “Erosion” www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/Erosion.doc

D&C / Hysteroscopy   www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/DandC.doc

Laser Fentons Operation www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/Fentons.doc

Diagnostic Laparoscopy www.fawdry.info/eepd/24_lea/b_opleaf/LapDiag.doc

Laparoscopic Sterilization




The EEPD by Dr. Rupert Fawdry is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/. Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available via http://eepd.org.uk/?page_id=56.
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