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Appendix G. Addresses & Contacts



Volume Editor:  Helga Perry and Rupert Fawdry (So far) To see a sample page Click here

Current Master Copy is with: RF (as “PanelG-5RF.pages”)

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Please send any corrections to editor@eepd.org.uk


Addresses & Contacts, including a list of addresses of UK Institutions where Planned Births take place. 

To facilitate Intra-Uterine or Neonatal Transfers a start has been made to provide a simple list of direct line telephone numbers to all Special Care Baby Units, Labour Wards and the Hospital Switchboards in every U.K. maternity unit; together with all relevant Post Codes to allow an easy calculation of distances between hospitals using Google Maps.             

  RF (Updated 30 Nov 2010)


Since so many government initiatives are short term, and the addresses documented by their efforts eventually disappear, and since the official lists often classify by the name of one Trust, even when there are two or more distinct maternity units, (e.g. Heartlands and Solihull) it seemed worth providing this appendix.


There is also a problem with most databases as to whether the hospitals are sorted on such a database by their name (e.g. Princess Royal Hospital or Pembury Hospital), or by town or district or by their Postal Address which is often obscure. 


The main list provided here is therefore sorted alphabetically by whatever title seems most appropriate. In most places this is the the town or city (e.g. Tunbridge Wells rather than Pembury, Birmingham rather than Heartlands) except for London where the classification is by the name of the hospital rather than the borough (e.g. Guys and Thomas’ rather than Lambeth)


Please let us know of any inaccuracies by e-mailing editor@eepd.org.uk. Thanks


                                            Rupert Fawdry.  (30 Nov 2010)


Contents: Appendix G. Addresses and Contacts


A. U.K. Maternity Units

1. Simple List by old Regions

(Corrections welcome) www.fawdry.info/eepd/g_add/matunits/MatList.pdf   ???

2. Set of MS Word Sticky Labels 

21 labels per page with the address of all such institutions. 

Alphabetical by whatever title seemed most appropriate. 

Can be locally edited. www.fawdry.info/eepd/g_add/labels/MatAdds.pdf

3. Set of MS Word Sticky Labels

(21 per page) with simple name  of all such institutions. Can be locally edited.




B. Direct Line Phone numbers and Postcodes;

For all Special Care Units, Labour Wards and Switchboards

1.  Introductory Article: 


Why direct line numbers will always be needed despite “bed bureau” services.

(includes a proposal for each hospital to create a local laminated list in MS Word format)

List of all known direct line numbers set out by old regions (Help needed for missing numbers)

2.  An MS Word template 

For you to cut & paste relevant numbers to create a local laminated version

     for each relevant ward after using the post codes and Google maps to find out the local mileages 


3. Simple Postcodes of Maternity Hospitals

To make it easier to use Google Maps to work out distances


4. Auditing Intra-Uterine Transfers




C. Transfer Numbers for Specific Maternity Hospitals

Accessible as an MS Word file to allow corrections and local laminating of updated versions

Aberdeen Maternity Hospital www.fawdry.info/eepd/g_add/matunits/transfers/Aberdeen.doc


Dr.Gray’s Hospital, Elgin www.fawdry.info/eepd/g_add/matunits/transfers/Lewisham.doc


Lewisham General Hospital     www.fawdry.info/eepd/g_add/matunits/transfers/Elgin.doc


St.George’s, Tooting, London     www.fawdry.info/eepd/g_add/matunits/transfers/St.Georges.doc


Paisley Hospital                    www.fawdry.info/eepd/g_add/matunits/transfers/Paisley.doc


Stirling Maternity Hospital    www.fawdry.info/eepd/g_add/matunits/transfers/Stirling.doc


Princess Royal Maternity Hospital, Glasgow


Wishaw General Hospital         www.fawdry.info/eepd/g_add/matunits/transfers/Wishaw.doc



D. Level 3 Neonatal Unit Definition



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