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Volume 27. General Gynaecology

Volume Editor needed.

If interested in the possibility of editing this volume  Click here

To see a sample page: Pending

Discussion Links: None specific so far. Use www.eepd.org.uk


It is the conviction of the creator of the Electronic Encyclopaedia of Perinatal Data that, if we are to make use for the full potential of electronic data in Gynaecological Care,
there will be a need for an Electronic Encyclopaedia for each Sub-speciality of medicine; and that the headings in each such an Encyclopaedia will probably need to be similar
or the same as those which have evolved for the EEPD.

With this in mind it seemed worth starting the process by providing an EEPD volume with, in time, links to all relevant material in the original EEPD - hence this volume.


Also in time Suggested Headings for a separate Electronic Encyclopaedia of Neonatal Data

I. DISCUSSION DOCUMENTS Essays on topics currently lost between Acute Hospital Medicine and Medical IT
Several from EEPD?

II. NIGHTMARE Findings in Neonatal Data

III. DATASETS. Neonatal Datasets so far identified
Printed Casenotes / Risk Lists / Requirements / Birth Surveys / Databases / Standard Proformas / Proposals
Both Original Versions and then with the same data items Edited and Re-sorted Chronologically.

IV. Neonatal Data Item RESOURCE Document.
Integration of most Volume III items in Chronological Order with a Detailed Analysis and Comments on each potential item.

V. Neonatal “LOGICAL PRIORITISATION” Chroniologically-Arranged, Flow-Patterned Neonatal Dataset Proposals
“Individual Care” items for SCBU only.

Creating cost effective computer programs under the headings which follow is strongly dependent on first achieving international standardisation of all flowpatterning,
for relevant questions & allowable answer options. Assuming that the above may eventually bring order to the present destructive chaos, the following
volumes build on that potential by focusing on those parts of current medical practice where it will eventually be most helpful for all perinatal IT companies to have
easy access via a single information resource in each subspeciality to relevant updated professional knowledge, either directly or indirect via hyperlinks.

VI. “R.I.O.s” (Realistic Input-Output Opportunities)Detailed Specifications for each potentially reliable opportunity to use a keyboard, a VDU and a printer in neonatal care.

VII Assessment of PROGNOSIS. Linking Electronic Data to Probabilities, Levels of Risk, Outcomes etc

VIII SIGNPOSTS (Guidelines and Protocols) from Experts Documenting “Trigger Data” with individualised ” Action Suggestions”

IX LINKS TO LEAFLETS . Suggested links between electronic neonatal data and relevant leaflets or websites (“Prescribable Connections”) Also a Checklist for leaflets
which should now be easily available in a good Neonatal Department

X WHITEBOARDS. What should automatically be displayed on the computer at each neonatal R.I.O?

XI CASENOTES for Neonatal Care - Hand-held and Hospital Versions from many sources
Principles, Examples and Recommended Printed Data Items

XII PROFORMAS for Neonatal Care (And Gynaecology)
Principles, Examples and Recommended Sets of Data Items. Full set of draft Obst/Gynae Operation Proformas

XIII PRINTOUTS Computer-Generated Paper (and Sticky Label)
Datasets and Designs (Existing Examples and suggested “Best Buy”.)

14 CAREPATHS - Samples of, and hyperlinks to, relevant care pathways and algorithms.

15  “S.IN.B.A.Ds.” (Standard INter-program Bundles of Associated Data). Subsets of data which need to move from (or be easily visible in) one part of computer sytem
while working in another e.g. Pathology or Anaesthetic data to Neonatal, Hosp. to GP

16. QUESTIONNAIRES Debriefing, Care Quality, Audit and Staff Morale Samples

17. CODES. Easy Access to the main ICD, OPCS, Read, Snowmed and BUPA codes relevant to Perinatal Medicine (and Gynae)

18. Suggestions for Electronic AUDIT & BENCHMARKING by Monthly Topic.

19 FILOFAXES & LOCAL GUIDELINES Perinatal & Gynae Protocols for Personal Use or Editing (Filofax or A4 size)

20.  ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE. Chronologically arranged Individual Case Reports.(Direct or by Internet links)

21. LEARNING Powerpoint templates for free use.Voluntary Contributions welcome. OSAT items.

22. ORGANISATION Items potentially useful in the Organisation of Maternity Care

XXIII EQUIPMENT Items relevant to Equipment e.g. A minimal cost infant resuscitation trolley.

XXIV PRESCRIBABLE LEAFLET COLLECTION More that 100 free leaflets for direct use, or for local editing

XXV SAFEMOTHERHOOD Hyperlinks to items relevant to Maternity and Paediatric Care in the Two Thirds World

XXVI NEONATAL Hyperlinks to items relevant to an eventual Electronic Encyclopaedia of Neonatal Care.

XXVII GYNAECOLOGICAL Hyperlinks to items relevant to an eventual Electronic Encyclopaedia of Gynaecological Care.


A. INITIATIVES, mainly U.K. relevant to the creation of Maternity & Neonatal Datasets and EPRs

B. Related WEB Sites

C. COMMERCIAL Companies involved with Maternal & Neonatal EPRs

D. Comments Maternal & Neonatal IT CONTRACT SPECIFICATIONS

E. Relevant Computer PROGRAMS

F. PUBLICATIONS relevant to the slow development of EPRs - especially those out of print and now inaccesible,

G. CONTACTS Addresses & Tel. Nos (e.g. UK Planned Birth Institutions, Direct Lines for Intra Uterine Transfers)




The EEPD by Dr. Rupert Fawdry is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/. Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available via http://eepd.org.uk/?page_id=56.
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