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EEPD Volume 1. Discussion Documents


G.  Codes, Presentem Groups and Care Pathways


G01.  Patients are like Countries not Cars

(Discussion link: see http://eepd.org.uk/?page_id=23)


G02.  Presentem Groups in Gynaecology: A classification by Presenting Problem or Need

(Discussion link: see http://eepd.org.uk/?page_id=579)

G03.  Presentem Groups via Options to Outcomes 

Currently we have a situation whereby hospitals, using “Health Related Groups (HRGs) have been in gynaecology paid by the size of the procedure - which focuses attention on the cost efficiency of for example doing a Hysterectomy without asking if major surgery was required at all.


If the workload of hospitals were classified by “Presenting Problem/Need” then all audit, benchmarking and payments could be by this. This would then encourage hospitals to use more cost effective ways of managing for example the Problem “Heavy Menstrual problems disrupting life” or “Request for Family Planning/Sterilisation.  (Full article still not pending)



G04.  Codes - always our servant - never our master!



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